Makida® Lumbar Supporter – Small


Neoprene or SBR coated lumbar supporter.

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Neoprene or SBR coated lumbar supporter with nylon terry on the outside and nylon terry or jersey inside. Contact closure 7″ width.


  • Especially effective for post-operative and post-delivery abdominal support
  • Excellent body warmer on a cold day or night
  • Concentrates heat to relax muscles
  • Supports abdominal muscles with controlled pressure while allowing full breathing and muscle revelopment.
  • Encourages wearer to cough and breathe deeply, and ambulate more comfortably reducing the possibility of sedentary complications such as atelectasis, pneumonia and phlebitis.

Made in Taiwan.

Size: Small (27″ – 34″ waist circumference)

Colour: Beige