AIR TOKtOK Personal Air Purifier


AIR TOKtOK is a personal air purifier that removes all kinds of dust and bacteria through negative ion diffusion. Small, portable, and easy to connect to laptops, cars, and more!


Small but powerful!  Easy to use anytime, anywhere!  The AIR TOKtOK plugs in directly to any USB port and provides strong sterilization for personal hygiene.  It discharges 2 million anions up to 2 metres!  The adjustable USB connection allows rotating of the device up to 90 degrees.

Use in the car, office, kitchen, washroom, home, and more!

Benefits of negative ions:

• Promotion of brain development • Healthy for pregnant women and nursing mothers
• Reduction of respiratory disease and asthma • Promotion of blood circulation and metabolism
• Bacteria and germs sterilization • Boosts immune system


  • Strong antibacterial and germ-killing function: Kills 99.9% of e-coli, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, pneumonia, salmonella, and mold.
  • Strong deodorization: Ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid (kcl)
  • Negative ion creation: Creates and discharges 2 million/1cc
  • Negative ion diffusion: Diffuses ions at an angle of about 30 – 40 degrees
  • Negative ion range: Disinfects surround air by diffusing negative ions up to 2 metres
  • Strong fan attachment: Strong suction fan circulates air
  • Fine dust particle filter: Double fine-dust particle filter, filters dust and germs
  • Convenient cleaning and attachment: Easy filter detachment and cleaning.
  • Very non intrusive: Small, portable, and able to fit almost anywhere!  Extremely quiet.

Includes a black USB upright docking system/extension cable and instruction manual.

Quantity: 1 device per package

Colour: Green or Orange

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